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For processing Meat, Fish, Chicken, Fruits and Vegetables.

FEL4 - Taranaki

Proven Performance

FEL4 – Taranaki : The FEL4 - Taranaki has proven to be one of Food Separator’s most versatile and reliable "performers." For many years, the FEL4 - Taranaki has processed huge volumes of poultry, fish, and pre-broken red meats (Beef / Sheep / Goats) etc.

Throughput / Yield

The FEL4 - Taranaki easily and consistently accommodates "through-put" of up to 3,000 pounds per hour, depending on raw product.
The FEL4 – Taranaki’s proven technology reliably delivers high yields - critical in maximising processing efficiencies and assuring profitability.

FEL-4 - Taranaki Universal Applicability

The FEL4 - Taranaki is currently installed and operating in many Food processing plants around the world. The FEL4 - Taranaki debones and desinews spent hens, poultry parts, frames, fish and pre-sized red meat. A single operator can control all machine adjustments, rate of throughput, meat textures and consistency of finished products (with a simple selection of variable head configurations, textures are precisely controlled).

Reliability & Parts Back-up

All of our customers have the peace of mind that total Food Separator support is available - literally in a matter of hours. Food Separator parts availability, plus service support at many of our agency offices, provide rapid response to problem areas when they arise.

Food Separator’s FEL6 - Ruapehu

The most versatile separator in the world

FEL6 - Ruapehu : If you want to learn the real meaning of versatility in a separator, read the FEL6 – Ruapehu’s resume. For many years, this machine has performed reliably, day in and day out, in numerous installation sites. The FEL6 - Ruapehu is renowned for its versatility - effortlessly demonstrated in its ability to handle the world's broadest spectrum of raw products which frequently includes input material that is too difficult to process by competitive machines. Larger chicken and turkey frames are easily converted into exquisite, coarse textures which offer unlimited further processing alternatives.

A proven track record of reliability

Food Separator has many, many satisfied customers who depend on the FEL6 - Ruapehu for consistent performance. This is the easiest, risk-free separator in the world to buy. Its track record of outstanding reliability is unmatched - and so are the textures which come out of its chambers. With simple, precise controls - the FEL6 - Ruapehu generates textures which are so coarse, so full of rich fibers with extraordinary "bite" - that if your company is looking for the best textures in the world - look no further.

The FEL-06 - Food Separator's most durable separator

All Food Separator’s machines are rugged. All are made of stainless steel. However, the FEL6 - Ruapehu is our most durable Separator. From the thicker gauage steel used in its chambers to its powerful twin screws and augers - every inch of this machine is carefully manufactured to readily handle the world's most challenging meat processing assignments. Depending on the raw product, the FEL6 - Ruapehu can process up to 6,000 lbs. of throughput per hour.

FEL4 – Taranaki

FEL4 – Taranaki Processing

FEL - Ruapehu Products

FEL - Ruapehu

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