Oil Filtration Technology

Save Money by greatly reducing your Oil Changes

The All New "SaveOil" Bypass Oil Filtration technology.

Clean and purified Oils do "not" need changing.! By removing contamination, fine particles as small as 1 micron, and "liquids" such as water, fuel, glycols, acids, etc., your Oils (both Engine Oils and Hydraulic Oils), will remain serviceable and in good working condition for much, much longer periods.
The “SaveOil” Bypass Oil Filtration technology will ensure that your Oils (Engine and Hydraulic) will remain in top condition. Just change the Filters, not the Oils.!! The “SaveOil” Filter will collect solid particles down to 1 micron, and the patented Evaporation Heating chamber will remove the liquid contaminants.

This special technology, will save you money;!! All hardworking engines need to be regularly serviced to ensure that the engine Oils are doing their slippery best to maintain the integrity of the engines moving parts; the problem with “oils” is that they get dirty and the current filtration systems, do not keep the Oils clean as they only filter out particles in the 25 to 35 micron range and above.! Therefore filters have to be changed and oils have to be replaced, which is expensive.! BUT, with the “SaveOil” Bypass Filter technology, you do NOT change the Oils, you only change the Filters.!!
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By using our “SaveOil” Bypass Oil Filtration system, you will ensure that the existing Engine Oils will have a much longer life span, due to the unique features of the “SaveOil” Bypass Oil Filtration Technology;

- The special Cotton Filter will filter out particles as small as 1 micron.!

- The special ‘Evaporation Heating Chamber’ removes damaging – water, fuel, acids, glycol, etc..

Advantages of the “SaveOil” Bypass Oil Filter:

Diesel FUEL savings : because our filtration system keeps the Engine OILS clean and retaining high lubricity, we are achieving a 4% to 8% “fuel efficiency” in the running of these Engines; this gives a significant cost savings over the operating life of your Engines.

Engine OIL savings : our superior filtration, together with our patented “Evaporation of liquids” technology, keeps the Engine OILS clean and pure for a much longer and extended period; this means that the Engine OIL is being used longer, allowing for greater Environmental benefits of reduced OIL consumption and less pollution from the waste old OIL.!!

Engine PROTECTION : the life of New Engines, equipped with our “SaveOil” Bypass Oil filters, is extended 2 to 3 times; our filtration technology will remove small particles down to “1 micron”, which greatly reduces the internal “wear and tear” on the Engines – bearings, piston walls, piston rings, etc.

Reduced ENVIRONMENTAL pollution : because our Bypass Oil filter technology will reduce fuel and oil consumption, there is greatly reduced ‘poisonous and noxious’ gases into the Environment; this helps to reduce the Carbon ‘footprint’ of your Project and thereby helping to reduce Environmental damage and concerns.!!

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